Helen Murgatroyd

Name - Helen Murgatroyd
Artwork - I invent and make tools and jigs to duplicate my drawings and images. Inspired by the ideals of cottage industry and working inside the domestic home my work gives alternative uses to kitchen utensils and household furniture. The objects I make allow small scale and self-sufficient mass-production. With each outcome being subject to the idiosyncrasies' of human error, editions of one-offs become a possibility.

Techniques used (traditional or otherwise) - At the moment I'm using drawing, a bit of painting and very low level make-do-and-mend woodwork.
Inspired by - (artists/teacher/exhibition/place/most inspirational quote) Simon Starling's installations, Richard Wentworth's 'Making do and Getting by' series and my MA drawing tutor, Martin Morris who told me, "I am giving you total permission to get it wrong".
Most treasured piece of work you've made - An adapted paintbrush that can be used to draw lines 5mm apart.
Place you'd most like to sell/show your work - Tricky.....I'm not sure....
Most beautiful work you have seen recently - It's not that recent but Carl Clerkin's 'Broom Cupboard' really made me smile.
Dreams / hopes for your future - The next step is to find the perfect studio for me and my peers/friends to work in.
Current favourite music/song/track - Just a bit of talking radio for me.
Favourite meal/recipe - Vegetable and Bean Chilli...delicious and easy to make, and for desert Flapjack!
website - http://www.helenmurgatroyd.co.uk/