Name Lucy May Schofield  Artwork words, images, printed matter, books... Techniques used Letterpress printing, photography and bookbinding. Inspired by cool climates, isolated places, tap dancing, literature, tea with friends, northern men. Most treasured piece of work you've made  My re-created dolls house installation inspired by my Great Uncle Earnest's Georgian mansion hand built for my sister in 1977, made in response to the V & A Museum of Childhood's Archive. Place you'd most like to show your work The Guggenheim or Antarctica. Most beautiful work you have seen recently The Outsider Art within 'The Museum of Everything.' Dreams/hopes for the future To get my mobile Bibliotherapy Artist Book Library on the road in my Citroen H Van and tour the country's furthest reaches. Current favourite music/song/track Clair de Lone, Debussy, for a thoughtful moment & Peter Sarsedt. Favourite meal/recipe  fried egg, chips and salad.