Alice Eden

Art/Design work? - Jewellery design and production. Techniques used (traditional  or otherwise?) - Soldering, wirework, beading, casting, plating. Inspired by? - Sister and Grandfather. Most treasured piece of work you've made? - 1st piece ever made whilst learning techniques in Thailand & an earring made from exotic feathers and silver. Does the idea of working in collaboration with artisans inspire you? Yes. Where would you most like to sell your work? - Beyond the valley. Most beautiful work you have seen recently? - New Alex Monroe earrings and ring. Hopes and dreams for the future? - to be able to dedicate more time to my work and eventually produce an embroidered jewellery collection that has been in my head for too long. Current favourite music/song/track? - Bule bule theme tune from the film 'splash' after a reminiscent night spent with my sister recently. Or anything from 'The golden days of british dance bands 1920 to 1940' album. Favourite meal? - anything cooked by my boyfriend - a delicious and welcome night off.