Walter Bautista Huaman

Artisan : Walter Bautista Huaman
Born : Aqoylla Town
Region : Socos, Ayacucho Peru
Work made : Textiles
Material used : sheep wool, Cotton and Alpaca wool
Methods used : Minerals and natural pigments used. Cochineal for red tones, molle for green tones, tara for blue and nogal for brown. 
Statement : I started working at 13 years old, working with my three older brothers in a workshop. At 14 I moved to Lima, my parents sent me with my brothers to escape from terrorism. They lived in San Juan de Miraflores, working in different things, in what they could. When I was 17 my brothers and I opened a workshop, and we worked there until I was 23. Moving to Canto Grande, I opened my own workshop and was able to give jobs to other relatives. But the place was too small. So after one year, I found a bigger place in Quebrada Verde, so I moved there until now. Now I work with seven people, and have ten looms. My market is only a local one.