Mukesh P. Prajapati and Avdhesh M. Prajapati are Meena Art. They are artisan carvers of printing blocks based in Pethapur. Mukesh has been carving blocks for 33 years and was taught by his uncle. The materials used in the process are stick wood 'Sagwa.' The blocks are cut into 3'' blocks and planed, then they are filed and sanded with stone. They are poished with white paint (pigment)which covers teh surface of the block. This is applied so that the artisan can see the working area and what elements are taken away during the carving process. Mukesh is happiest when he has executed his orders well. 200-250 years ago the craft came to Pethapur from Pakistan. Mukesh's uncle told him that it would take a year to learn the craft, he said he could do it in one month. Eventually it took him 4 years to perfect the craft. He explained that the cost of making the block often is more than what people will pay. He feels people from outside india appreciate the craft more, having said that the work is very much in demand as so few carvers remain practicing in Pethapur.