Hasuben Mohan Rabari Hasuben Mohan Rabari is an embroidery artisan and a graduate of Kala Raksha Vidhyalaya. In fact she won the award for the best collection in 2012. Hasuben was born in Mindiara. Her parents had sheep and goats and migrated to Gujarat - Vadodara, Baruch, Ankleshwar. As a chid she cared for the lambs

Hasuben married in Lodai 17 years ago and has one daughter who is 12 years old and one son who is 9 years old. She learnt her embroidery skills from her mother at the age of 10. When she had half completed her dowry, embroidery was banned. Before the ban Hasuben did embroidery for others in the community for wages. 

After marriage she used to quilt to help others, but not for money. She did Shrujan work for 2-3 years, but when Kala Raksha cam after the earthquake in 2004, she started to work with Kala Raksha. Hasuben is coordinator at Kala Raksha since 2002. She wanted to do this job for her daughter. "I wanted to educate my daughter,' Hasuben says. She believes embroidery is a noble heritage. It is a symbol of trust. 

There are few artisans now, most people go for labour work. Its all about money. We need to raise wages! Her aspirations are to make sure her daughter doesn't have the troubles she did, and that her daughter remembers her. She wishes that her daughter and son will run businesses in the future, to be independent, self sufficient and distoguished is important.