Artisan : Chrystella Komodromos
Born : Lefkara Cyprus
Work made : Textiles Cut-Lace
Material used : Linen and linen thread
Methods used : Traditional cut-lace

Statement : I was taught how to make lace...I was taught how to make lace aged 6 by my mother. She uses a technique called 'flying birds' which means that the threads are joined with no knots used in the lace-making process. Her shop was her husbands grandfather's blacksmiths, Antonis Komodromos. We left Lefkara for sometime and when we returned it was cheaper to build a new home than to renovate our old one. I have 2 sons and 1 daughter who live in the village now. i don't think that my children will go into lace-making. Her beautiful shop is called 'The Alley shop' in Lefkara Cyprus!