Traveling through Peru, South American,  I had the opportunity to work with artisans within the Lurin Valley and Quebrada Verde in Lima. Working intimately within local family run workshops, I deepened my awareness of the skills possessed by local practitioners. This fed my desire to support and celebrate their work on my return to the UK. 

Since 2008, I have worked with Cypriot craft communities and I have gained insights in Gujarat, from Indian processes and artisanal wisdom. At SHARING the MAKING we believe in the importance of always looking for opportunities to contribute in response to the reward of learning... 

"In a globalised world that clamors for identity, in a space saturated with objects that demand true innovation on a devasted planet that urges respect for natural resources and requires fair opportunity, as it brings back values, materials, processes and histories. It's a way to offer something different and original." Lujan Cambariere, Editor of M2