On Empathy

I am privileged to be working once again with INTACH and with children at Darpana. It felt big to head out to India, again. Challenges overwhelmed me last time I was there. This time I got my bravery back. Conversations allowed me to have a voice on what was the most difficult time in my life. For those who had time to listen and for those who shared, thank you. You. Make. The. Difference. Drawing interventions invited young people to draw one another, to talk, to share some thoughts and feelings on the process of their making. Here's a little more info.....

Research Proposal : Kinesthetic empathy for co-existence: Dance Drawing collaboration.

Background: This research project aims to develop ‘new ways of knowing’ between movement experience and empathy. Drawing interventions can help us to develop a language for the complexity of human emotion, connection and process. A series of mirror-interventions in India and UK I hope will inform an exhibition, at The Mrinalini Sarabhai Gallery, in Ahmedabad, 2018. I will document ‘body mimicry’ through drawing Bharatanatyam and Kalaripayattu, thus becoming sensitized to cultural experience and new knowledge. Creative intervention workshops for young men and their families, as well as more disparate and professional groups, can help to foster empathy across often difficult terrain. Drawing affords a language with which we can communicate across cultures, and requires the attention it takes to listen, effectively. I am focused on the concepts of 'kinesthetic empathy' (Reynolds, D. 2012) through the cultural practice of Bharatanatyam dance and embodied movement. Kinesthetic empathy is key to understanding social relationships. The interventions aim to empower the sharing of ‘emotions and honest voices’ of young men and women.

23rd April 2018