The intention of ‘Sharing the Making,’ is to develop partnerships and forge relationships between artist and artisan. I hope that through creative collaborations, support can be offered to traditional artisanal business in return for the opportunity to delve into previously unknown fields and new disciplines. 

Each collaboration, involves one artist or designer and one master craftsperson, placed in contact to create unique products, which will offer new possibilities for traditional industry. Sharing the making offers an invitation for you to be involved. From humble beginnings I hope together we can breathe new life into existing practices that have already lived through generations and develop a sense of true innate curiosity and sensitivity to human endeavour. 

Set up by friends, Sharing the making is a co-operative enterprise, founded on a mutual love of people and admiration of craftsmanship. All proceeds from which are reinvested into artisan businesses and workshops 

'If the people of a given part of the world have a special skill passed on across generations this should be considered a legacy, and we should activate it."

Giuliana Testino, Peru.